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of Grays Harbor protects dogs and cats until united with family.

PAWS of Grays Harbor is a no kill animal shelter in Grays Harbor County. We were established as a nonprofit organization in June of 1973, making our home in Aberdeen, Washington.

Shelter Address:
800 W 1st St
Aberdeen, WA 98520

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PO Box 451
Aberdeen, WA 98520

Public Hours:
Tues - Sat 11 am - 4pm

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7 hours ago

Happy #Furiday! How about an update from a couple of Freedom Tails pooches?Freedom Tails is a program that pairs up a duo of incarcerated handlers with a dog for 12 weeks of socialization and training. We are still looking for adopters for 2 dogs currently in the program - sweet Lucy and smart Tucker. Graduation is coming up quickly - October 18! Read all of the updates at's an update from Lucy:9-19-23Hi it’s me Lucy again,I’m adjusting to this new life. It's really easy, laid back and fun. Everyone knows I’m all about fun. I love going to the dog park and running around or playing fetch. I love feeling the sunshine on my face and the wind cooling my fur as I run. Then I like coming back home for a nice cool dip in the pool, but I also know that it's back to working on my cues. I’m getting it and learning but I just want to be a dog and be loved on. I’m hoping to find a home where we can go out and play and have fun then come back home and chill out and watch the game. Hey, I’m Lucy’s handler and it's been such a blessing to work with this dog. She is amazing and just brings so much joy and happiness to everyone she meets. Some people she will even get real vocal with telling them how much she loves being rubbed, tickled and scratched. Lucy even has a 6th sense about her. When I’m feeling down or frustrated, she’ll come and lick my hands until I rub her head and ears or I can sit down and pat my chest and say “hug” and she’ll jump up, put both her elbows on my knee and put her head on my shoulder or under my neck and let me hug her until I feel better. That is the loving and gentle Lucy I know and can speak for. That’s the Lucy I want you to know you’ll be taking home. Just love her and she’ll love you back unconditionally. Thank youAnd an update from Tucker:9-19-23Hello again…. It’s me Tucker! I had a great time this week hanging out with my new human and dog friends. I especially like going to the dog park where I not only get to hang out with my mentors Daniel, Kim and Charles; but I also get to run off leash with dogs of all ages and sizes and share all kinds of cool toys. My mentors taught me two new cue’s this week that I’ve added to my repertoire. They are: by me (a cue that I sit next to my human) and crate/kennel (this is a cue that I go into my indoor crate or outside kennel). Whether I’m playing games like fetch or practicing the cues and skills I’ve been learning, I always manage to have a great time because I absolutely LOVE human interaction! I also learned how to say three words in English with pronunciation that rivals ANY human speaker. So, if you want to amaze your friends and family, you can prove to them that you have the only English speaking canine companion on the planet! SImply gather any naysayers (or people looking to be amazed) and ask me these three simple questions: 1. What do you call the top of a house? Simple, a “roof” 2. What’s the stuff on the outside of a tree? Easy, “bark” 3. How would you describe the texture of sandpaper? No problem, it’s “ruff” Well, gotta sign off for now, I’ve got cues to practice and dogs to play with; but my humans don't call it “play” they have a strange sounding word for it called “socialization.” Don’t ask me to pronounce that one! Your possible future pal, Tucker#doglover #dogstagram #rescuedogsofinstagram #rescueme #giveabark #mykidshavepaws #rescuedogsarethebestdogs #rescuedogsarebest #rescueddogsarethegreatest #pawsgh #pawsghdogs #washingtonstate #washington #graysharbor #graysharborliving #aberdeenwa #olympicpeninsula #olympia #masoncounty #thurstoncounty #lookingforlove #petfinder #dogsofwashington #fureverhome #olympia #mccleary #montesano #ElmaWA #oceanshores #prisondog ... See MoreSee Less
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