Freedom Tails

In partnership with Stafford Creek Corrections Center


the Freedom Tails Program

As of April 2023, we are thrilled to have the Freedom Tails program return to Stafford Creek Corrections Center after years on hiatus. This popular program pairs a duo of incarcerated individuals up with a PAWS of Grays Harbor pooch for 12 weeks. Each dog has a primary and secondary handler assigned to the same cell, giving the dog 24-hour care and attention to meet its needs. During their stay at SCCC, these dogs receive specialized training to prepare them for adoption to the public. At the end of their 12-week stay, they will enjoy a special adoption ceremony with their new families to show off their skills as they start a new journey.

We are in the 4th round of the program and our 15 dogs will graduate on July 3, 2024. 


the current Freedom Tails crew

How to Adopt

Property Verification

We will reach out landlords for permission to adopt or verify property ownership with the county assessor.

Home Check

You will be provided a list of photos needed. We review these to help point out potential safety concerns to help you prepare for your new pooch.

Schedule a Meet

We may have you meet the dog at the SPCC parking lot or at the shelter. Other dogs in the home will also need to meet the dog.


Pay and sign adoption paperwork. You will be invited to attend graduation day at SPCC.

Updates from our Dogs

5/14/24 update:

Hey everyone,

My name is Watson and I am here to tell you all about who I am and how we can make each other’s lives better if I am chosen to become a member of your pack.

First off, if you’re not a fan of snuggling, hugs, petting, and constant loyalty and love, we may not be the best fit because that is what I bring to the table.

Now I know I am a dog but someone told me the other day that my pretty green-blue eyes are the cat’s meow, whatever that means… I am only about 19 weeks old but boy am I a smart one. I love training with my handler. I am more than willing to listen for a simple chin scratch as a reward. I was opne of 9 pups sonI developed a bit of a resource guarding issue but in just the first 2 weeks of my training, I have shown huge strides in learning how to share like a good boy.

For all of you who remember Scooby, I moved in with his handler, so I have some huge shoes to fill. Luckily my paws still have lots of time to grow.

I am looking forward to meeting you and showing off everything I will learn through this program.

Until my next update! Yours truly, Watson

Howdy Y’all,
This is your handsome boy Zion here. I am a pittie catahoula leopard hound mix. Yup, I kinda got it going on. Everyone seems to notice and compliment my gorgeous cloudy looking coat and my beefy physique. It tends to take a while to walk to and from the day yard here because people constantly want to know who and what I am.
I am about eleven months old and weigh in at a healthy eighty pounds. People who know me say I am oh so sweet and gentle. I’m always aiming to please. I am just glad they noticed because even though I’m handsome, I’m so much more than that.
I like to play fetch and tug-of-war, plus I am getting pretty good at both. I have been practicing my cuddle skills too. Well, it’s about time to go so this is it for now.

Hello World,

It’s your handsome, fuzzy faced buddy, Zion here and I do believe that this year is indeed my year. I just turned one recently. I am in a really cool dog training program that I love and I just know that I am about to be discovered and find my forever home.

My handlers were not sure of my exact birthday so they celebrated it on Star Wars Day, May 4th (May the fourth be with you. Get it?!) Apparently my Yoda sized head plus me always trying to use the force on them, has them convinced I am a Jedi. They kept saying, “May the fourth be with you” all day! Too funny.

I have been having a blast playing our learning games, and I am glad to say that I am REALLY good at them too.
Well, off to be a good boy now. Catch you later!


My name is Molly Whop. I am a Kelpie mix. No, that doesn’t mean I am a mermaid! I’m an Aussie… Oy-Oy-Oy! I am four years old and looking for a place to call home with some people who understand me. When greeting me please don’t stare at me. I have a few confidence issues I’m working on. So until I’m comfortable I’m keen on everything going on around me. I am somewhat vocal when I’m unsure of things. And when I’m playing. I’m learning to share my toys with people better. I do like to give hugs as long as you aren’t all handsy! My backside is kind of ticklish and it takes a while to build trust. 7I was just enrolled in the Freedom Tails Dog Program and am excited about all I’ll learn. I’m just two weeks in and I’ve been adjusting like a champ. I’ve already learned so much. For example, my handlers growls in his sleep! Crazy right?! But he isn’t mad… just weird. 
Well, I will keep you updated as to how I progress about every two weeks. Back at you later! 
Molly Whop 
Q: What do you call a trainer’s pants with holes in the legs? 
A: Pekingese
It’s Molly Mahogany again! My friends call me M&M for short cuz I’m mmm mmm good! I know I like blended two different things but give a girl a barkin break will ya?! 
I;ve been sooo busy over the past two weeks!I have learned to be nicer to other dogs… well, most of them I do like the boy dogs more. 
I am doing my best to learn manners in my room and while on a leash. I’m “slowly starting to get it”… according to my handler. Yeah, like I’m the slow one!! 
I am still not a fan of new people looming over me or staring into my eyes. And believe you me, I will set my boundaries! I will tell you all about your rude self! 
I am also learning to play nicer with my person. I guess I am “too vocal” when we play and they touch my belly, tail or feet. I am trying though… I haven’t told them about my past but they noticed I sometimes will flinch , sulk or even yip when they reach for me too quickly. 
I am really trying to love and trust again. And I really really hope whoever chooses me doesn’t growl in their sleep as bad as this guys does! A girl needs her beauty sleep! He is cute when he plays though… 
Bark at ya later,
Molly Mahogany
Hi, I’m Harley Quinn and I love to play!  Are you a human with an overwhelming urge to throw and kick dog toys? Then I’m your dog! I will chase balls. I will chase kongs. I’ll even chase a frisby and catch it in the air! Why do I do this? I don’t know! But I love it!!! And I will love you if you play with me. I’ll bring the toy right back every time and set it at your feet. I will also protect you from belligerent stuffed animals. They think they’re all so cute and cuddly. I will teach every stuffed animal a lesson by shaking the crap out of it. Once I’ve subdued the beast, we can play fetch with it! WIN-WIN! Well, maybe not for the stuffed animal… but they were asking for it.
Harley Quinn here! Taking a break from chasing toys to bark about my week. It’s been mostly chasing toys – calls, frisbees, this little bone I chew on, or literally anything you wave in front of me and throw. I feel it’s a good use of my time. I made friends with two humans who like to rub my belly, so they’re ok. Though they keep following me around with a dustpan that I poop on. So they’re a little weird, but make it up to me by throwing toys afterwards. I’ve been walking on a leash and being a good girl. Met some dogs too! They’re not as fun as toys but I don’t mind herding them around and telling them what to do in the yard. I’m taking my yellow bandana test tomorrow. If I pass, it means I get to make ALL the humans in here throw toys for me! It’s about time they started pulling their weight. They’ve just been wasting their little thumb thingies by not throwing toys for me to chase. So finally they will find purpose. Oh my gawd – that reminds me! I haven’t chased a toy in ten minutes! I gotta go!! Harley Quinn signing off!
Hey everyone!  Harley Quinn here!  This week I have dedicated myself to licking the floor,  I know what you are thinking, but hear me out.  I’m pretty smart and I have discovered that sometimes food falls on the floor.  My theory is that maybe food wants to be on the floor!  My genius has also discovered that food tastes good, and by extension the floor tastes good where the food falls.  So, I posit that perhaps by licking the delicious floor, I can entice more food to fall there.  In order to scientifically test my theory I have spent the last week observing humans eating food, predicting various food falling and the trajectory, and licking the floor.   It’s all very technical.  Some of you may question my resolve when faced with humans who stubbornly thwart food’s innate desire to become airborne.  However, I assure you that I, Harley Quinn, will continue to doggedly continue my research by licking the floor until this mystery is solved.
The humans spent this week trying to teach me to look at them.  I am not sure why.  They are very interesting to look at.  They are not made of toys, and only slightly made of food.  But, I will be a good girl and help them out.  It’s the least I can do.  I feel sorry for them because they are not as adorable to look at as I am!  Harley Quinn out!
Harley Quinn here! Okay dogs – let’s talk, we need to set some ground rules for the canine population. First, I have no interest in you. You have no thumbs which means you cannot throw balls for me. If you can;t throw a ball for me, that basically makes you useless in Harlet’s world… unless you are also literally made of bologna. Humans DO appear to be made of bologna, or at least have some sort of supernatural ability to make it appear in their pockets and stylish fanny packs. This is why I let them rub my adorable tummy. It;s all part of my cunning plan to attain their delicious, magical bologna and get them to throw balls. 
Second, I need NO competition when it comes to chasing balls. Understand that  ALL balls belong to me, I get to chase the ball – you get to watch me chase the ball. If you would like to help, I will allow you to be my emotional support animal. Other than that, stay the heck away from my ball! I have no interest in jumping around with you if there is no ball chasing involved. If you do have a ball, you need to drop that thing and get away from me while I play with your ball. I will not be mean to you, but remember: all balls belong to me. So give me your ball and go play with a stick or something. 
Third, and very importantly, we need to talk about meeting me. I am a lady, and as such, you are not allowed to sniff my butt. I am allowed to sniff your butt, but you need to know your role and just stand there while I do that. If you try to sniff my butt, I will snarl and check the crap out of you. Unless you have a ball. If you have a ball, I will wait patiently for you to sniff me until the second you drop the ball. Then it’s MINE, and I will take your ball and run away. Because, remember, all balls belong to me. 
Great talk dogs, Harley Quinn out!
Harley Quinn here! 
Okay humans – I don’t know what’s going on with you, but we need to talk. First you’re all like, “Come here, follow me, let’s go.”  All the time it’s go, go, go! Put on the lash and walk, walk, walk! Now all of a sudden you want me to stay, stay?!?! Are you serious right now? Stay in one spot while you walk away, then wait for you to come back, when did this become a thing? I think you people have some serious issues. I do not want to stay. I want to chase balls, frisbees and literally anything you throw over and over and over again. YOU can stay. Stay there, throw the thing and I will be right back with it! I’ll give it back to you because you did such a good job of staying there. Good human. Now… throw the thing again! But nooooo, you just have to ruin our relationship dynamic by making ME stay. Oh I’ll do it – while staring at you with an attitude and puppy cuteness! I might even wag my stumpy tail to make you feel even worse about it. You will reap the whirlwind of my cuteness. Mark my words humans, there will be a furry reckoning for all this staying you’re putting me through! 
Harley Quinn out!

Hi there, I’m River, the goofiest pup around! Used to live by the river, hence the name. I ended up here at the shelter after chasing a squirrel, ended up in a doggy marathon, and couldn’t find my way back! My love for pup cups is legendary, I can sniff them out from a mile away. I’m as sweet as they come, always ready for a cuddle and a game of chase! My jokes? Well, they’re a bit ruff, but I guarantee they’ll have you howling with laughter. I’m looking for a forever home where I can spread my joy and endless love. Adopt me, and let’s create our own hilarious tales together!

I’ll never forget the day I was abandoned by the river. I was scared and alone, with no food or shelter. I had to fend for myself, searching for scraps and avoiding danger. But despite the hardships, I held onto hope that things would get better. One day, they did. One day I was caught and taken to a place I had never imagined – prison!
At first I was terrified, the loud noises and stern faces were overwhelming. But as the days passed, I realized this place was different. The people here are kind and gentle; they gave me food and attention. They even let me sleep inside. I felt warm and cozy. I began to feel a sense of belonging, I felt happy!
Now I spend my days playing with other dogs and getting endless belly rubs. The inmates tell me what a good boy I am. I can sense their own struggle and hardships, but despite our pasts we have found Joy and purpose in each other’s company. I may have started my journey by a river and that’s where I get my name, but I’m forever grateful for this new home and can’t wait to finally find my forever home.

I never thought I’d find myself in a place like this – prison dog training program. But it’s been a game changer for me. I’ve learned so much already, like how to sit and lay down on command! My favorite is when a handler says “down,” and I get to stretch out and relax. I love the “good boys” and treats I get when I do it right. The inmates give me lots of attention and I love that! I’m a quick learner and my handlers are impressed with my progress. I’m picking up new cues everyday like “stay,” “wait,” and “shake!” I like it when my handler hides treats and tells me to “find it” like a dog puzzle. I’m proud of myself and know I’m becoming a great companion for someone out there.
I may have started out as a stray by the river, but I’ve come a long way. I’m a loveable dog with a lot to give someone. I dream of finding a forever home. If you’re out there please come visit me. I promise to sit and snuggle my way into your heart. I’m ready to bring joy and companionship to my human, will it be you?

Bacon. That’s what they call me. I know, don’t ask. But everybody seems to like me, and they say I make everything better. Who doesn’t like some Bacon?

What’s not as appetizing however, is what I’ve been through in my two and a half years: kicked by a horse, reconstructive surgery, abandonment. I come with a story many aren’t able to stomach as easily as they do my name. But all I’ve ever wanted is someone to acknowledge my trauma and still choose to love me. All I require is a little patience and compassion.

A lab mix, back with some white on my chest and the tips of my paws, I weigh around 65lbs. Everytime I catch a glimpse of my reflection, I can’t help but remind my handler how good I’m looking these days! As much as I love to play fetch, I’m content with being with you for daily activities. My demeanor is so laid back, you’d think I taught Snoop Dogg how to chill – to the next episode.

As of right now, I’m at Stafford Creek Corrections Center undergoing training, receiving tender care. Things are going well. Just earlier today, my trainer gave me a treat just for being me! HE occasionally writes in his journal, and while he was gone the other day (hoping he wouldn’t mind) I took a quick peek and saw he noted I was making significant progress! That he believed in me!

Flattering. But to be honest, I just want my ears rubbed. I’m looking for someone to stand next too and lean on, someone to make me feel loved and safe. If you believe you’re capable of that, please give me a chance.

Hey there, I’m Balsamic! I’m just a puppy, but I’ve got a big personality. I’m brave, funny, gentle, goofy, curious, sweet, friendly, playful, energetic, and cuddly. I was found on the streets with my brother, Olive Oil. We were trying to start a canine culinary club, but apparently, we needed a permit for that! Who knew? Anyway, the shelter folks said we couldn’t just cook up a storm in the streets. So here I am, looking for a new home. I promise to bring joy, laughter, and possibly a few culinary disasters into your life. Adopt me, and let’s cook up some fun together!

Hey there, it’s your friendly neighborhood chief puppy here – Balsamic. Can U get a “woof woof”? I’ve been here in the slammer now for two whole weeks and I gotta tell you, this place is for birds. Seriously, they’ve got seagulls, crows, starlings, they’re even got a bunch of jailbirds here as well.
So far I’ve been learning to sit, lay down and walk nicely on a leash. Still need some work on that last one there, all of these dang birds around here can be quite the distraction!
I am the calmest at home, I like to lay around and sleep a lot.. I have so many playdates with my brother Olive Oil, my partner in crime. So far I haven’t chewed on one single thing and I am pretty sure I’ve got them right where I want them, the humans that is! Wanna come break me out?

Hello, I’m Olive Oil, a brave, funny, gentle, goofy, curious, sweet, friendly, playful, energetic, cuddly puppy. My brother, Balsamic, and I were exploring the world when we stumbled into a cheese factory. Balsamic was so excited, he tripped over a wheel of cheddar, setting off a Rube Goldberg-like chain of events that ended with us covered in cheese and escorted to this cozy shelter. We’ve had a blast here, but I’m ready for my next adventure. I’m not just a dog, I’m a friend, a confidante, a cheese connoisseur. Adopt me and let’s make our own hilarious stories!

Hi guys and gals this is your boy Olly checking in. Well who said prison was so bad. I am having a great time. Me and my brother Sal (Balsamic) are living it up in here – two hots and a cot, well crate in our case. And if I do a little work, I get all the treats I want. I am meeting a lot of new friends, sine with fur and a lot with no fur at all. I can’t wait to go to my next play date with my brother Sal. Wait a minute, here he is now! Check me out online, I’m the cute little yellow one. Bye for now!

Meet Roxy, a young bundle of joy who’s goofy antics will keep you laughing all day. Her gentle and sweet nature makes her the perfect companion for those quiet evenings at home. She’s friendly to everyone she meets, spreading joy wherever she goes. Roxy is the queen of playtime, her funny and playful demeanor is infectious, making every day a new adventure. She’s also a cuddly little snuggle bug who loves nothing more than to curl up in your lap and give you sweet kisses. Her beautiful eyes reflect her loving soul, making you feel cherished. Roxy’s affectionate and loving nature makes her the perfect addition to any family. She’s not just a pet, she’s a friend, a companion, a source of unconditional love and laughter. Adopt Roxy and bring home not just a pet, but a bundle of joy and happiness.

Hey there! Rox n’ Sox or Roxy for short, the ultimate mix of labrador love and pittie pizzazz! Yep, you heard it right, I’ve got the energy of a pittie and the cuddles of a lab, all rolled up into one cute package. You can catch me playing fetch and tearing up the yard with my best friend Smiley but I’m also happy to just cuddle up in the bed with you and take a long nap. Companionship is the main thing I’m after.

Here’s the twist: My journey to finding you hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows. I was found abandoned by a river, but thanks to the help of Freedom Tails I’ve been able to turn my “ruff” days around and get a second chance at finding my forever home.

My handler and I are quite a dynamic duo. He loves me a bunch and I love him right back, which makes listening and following instructions really easy and fun. Although I wouldn’t be lying if I said that eating yummy treats doesn;t also help. We work on commands, tricks and even some fun games that keep my mind as sharp as my looks.

But enough about me, let’s talk about you. Are you ready for endless games, snuggles and adventures in the great outdoors? Because I sure am! All I want in a family is someone who is as fun, loving and social as I am, and maybe someone who isn’t too stingy with the belly rubs.
So what do you say? REady to make me the happiest pup on the block?

Hi!!! I’m Smiley, and I have A LOT to smile about! I am a parvo survivor thanks to my friends at PAWS. I have so much love to give, I wasn’t ready to stop fighting for my future! My friends say I don’t have a mean bone in my body, but I didn’t know bones could be mean, I just think they’re tasty! I have had some training, too. I can sit and sometimes I can “wait”, but that one is hard because I want to be near my people all the time! Do you want to be my people? I love new friends and am ready to see what all life has in store for my future!! Let’s go!


Hello there, free world. My name is Smiley! I’m currently in the Big House taking a huge bite of crime. Yeah, I know that was a really corny joke but dry humor is my middle name. I think that might make me a Capricorn, I don’t know. Nevermind, I’m getting off topic again because I’m so busy! Anyways, I’m here in the Freedom Tails training program learning how to live more comfortably and obediently with humans. Humans can be strange creatures sometimes but that’s another off topic subject that we’ll talk about later. My first night in prison was ruff, ruff ruff but my human companions in here quickly helped me settle in and get adjusted to my new environment. They laid a few ground rules and said it’ll help me to get adopted. The first thing I learned was that not everything on the floor is a toy I can play with. Next I learned that windows and doors aren’t something for me to spy on and bark or goals at the world through. There is so much more to tell you about my Freedom Tails prison experience, so stay tuned until next week when I’ll let you know how I made it through bathtime!

Signing off with licks, smiles and nibbles until next time!
Lick, Lick, Ruff!


Hi guys! It’s your favorite little Blue nose prison mix! You’ll be pleased to know I made it through my first bath time here just fine. The service in this slop hole sucks. There were no bubbles for the bath, no big fluffy robes to relax in after and, you guessed it, no rubber duckys. 🙁 There is a Ducky in here but she’s not yellow or made of rubber. She’s a poof ball with two different colored eyes. That’s a little weird and creepy if you ask me. I hear some people find that cute and adorable. If you find out who they are please let me know so I can block them! Other than that, the last few weeks have been pretty boring. I mean who likes being told what they can’t do all week? It’s not a bad thing to learn the rules and boundaries of living with my companions. I’m hoping it’ll find me a home.
Signing off again with licks, smiles and nibbles!
Until next time,

Mickey is a shy boy who needs some love and guidance to learn that it’s not that scary out there. A little bit of patience is needed but given the chance to warm up, Mickey has a great demeanor. He is still trying to figure out this next chapter in life as he has only had one previous owner. Lots of experiences here at PAWS are new to him so he hid his true self for the first few days. He is now starting to come out of his shell and loves showing us what a great dog he can be. He is still a bit skittish when meeting new people and he tries his best not to get spooked when he hears loud noises but he is starting to get comfortable with staff and it’s great to see how playful and goofy he really is. After some time, he has a hard time containing the real Mickey. The loving, playful, goofy goober Mickey.

Oh and he has HOPS (see photo for reference)




Hi to all, my name is Mickey and I’m new to the Freedom Tails program. I’ve only been here a few weeks but I’m already making strides. I’m a little shy at first but once I warm up I’m the life of the party. Some of my favorite things to do are go for walks, play fetch, tug-of-war, and keep away. I’m house trained and I don;t chew. I do love to snuggle however. I’m just a happy and fun loving guy on here looking to find my person. If that sounds like you, please get back to me so we can set up a date 🙂 I will be posting every other week until I find my forever person. Who knows, that just might be you. Until next time!


Hello Everyone,
Let me introduce myself, I’m Heidi, a female lab mix who loves nothing more than being pet, loved on and hanging out. I am currently enrolled in the Freedom Tails Dog Program at Stafford Creek. I will be in the program for the next 10 weeks and will be training with a trainer. I will learn how to sit, lay, focus, come, wait, off, place, stay, leave it, by me, crate, take it, drop it, back, stand and return. This may seem like a lot for a girl to learn in such a short time, but I will be hard at it! So please keep me in mind and if you can find the time to and have a meeting with me, I will get myself together to come say hello. I can’t forget to give PAWS a shout for making this possible!
As always, PAWS UP

A lot has been going on since my last post, so let me take the time and fill you in. I have been learning some commands and everything seems to be coming along well. I will sit, lay, focus,wait, come, and off pretty and have a lot more to learn before I graduate. There are some dogs in the program that I like to play with. I enjoy going on walks with my handler. I am a lovable girl who enjoys the water and getting my feet wet. And when it is time to chill I can lounge with the best of them. I cannot believe it has been 4 weeks since I arrived, and I have to tell you time flies. If you can take the time, I sure would like to meet you. I can be a little stand offish so just be patient please, and I promise I will not disappoint.

Waiting for my forever home,

Ducky is a big Diva. She is picky with her food. You have to mix wet food with her dry food to get her to eat it. She loves to bark and sing when she is playing. She loves her naps, and would prefer to have them uninterrupted. Ducky loves to go outside and receiving love. Ducky is a very happy Diva and loves people. It takes her no time at all to warm up to people she likes. She really likes being by your side all the time.

This handsome young man is looking to hire a 24/7 belly scratcher! Dakota has the sweetest heart and the kindest eyes to match. He is still learning some basic manners, but overall, he is such a great companion already. He is a bit shy at times so new experiences take some patience but he is gaining confidence day by day. He has loved everyone that he has met thus far and enjoys going on walks. He CANNOT live in a home with kittens/cats but he loves to make new friends and play with other dogs in our play yard. Have you ever wanted to be able to talk to your dog? And have your dog answer you back?? Dakota loves to express his feelings and tell you what he’s thinking! He is a very talkative dog at times so his future family would have to be okay with the occasional husky howl. Huskies are known for their talkative nature and using vocalizations to communicate and his husky side is not afraid to make an appearance when needed. But don’t let that scare you away! He also loves to play with squeaky toys, play tug, or even just run around like a goof to get some puppy energy out. As long as he is getting some love and belly rubs he is happy, quiet, and quite content. Dakota is our youngest pup with so much joy and so much love to offer to anyone willing to be on the receiving end.

Fill out an application today and scratch that belly!

Meet Dakota: the energetic pip with a love for life. Dakota is a bundle of joy wrapped in white fur. At just 8 months old this playful pup is not just any ordinary dog. Dakota is a unique character with a zest for life that is as bright as the different colors of his eyes. Dakota’s energy is boundless. Whether it’s a game of fetch or playing with other dogs, Dakota is always on the move. His high energy is infectious and you can’t help but feel uplifted in his presence. Dakota is also incredibly food driven which has made training sessions both run and rewarding. This pup has mastered the basic cues and comes house trained, making him ready to be a well mannered member of a family. Dakota has no problem getting along with other dogs, but this is not the case when it comes to chickens and cats. Dakota loves his belly rubbed. It’s a joy to see him interact with others showcasing friendly and sociable nature. But the trick that gets everyone talking is Dakota’s favorite – playing dead with a dramatic flop and a tongue and cheek hair Dakota can perform this trick like a seasoned master. It’s a crowd pleaser and a testament to his intelligence and eagerness to please. One thing is certain, life with this pup is never dull.

At 10 months of age and just 10 weeks into Freedom Tails, this young pup is showing exceptional progress in his training. He has mastered a variety of cues including sit, down, look, wait, and place. His favorite activities include frolicking with his other canine companions, exploring the outdoors on walks, and indulging his curiosity through scent. He is in search of a forever home that offers a spacious yard for him to roam freely, a home where he won’t be confined and will be provided with an abundance of nourishing meals. Don’t wait any longer to bring this pu[p home. Tune in next week to hear from the little white furry pup himself.

Bigboi Beef Stew is a great young man who would make a great addition to most homes. He doesn’t know his own strengths and can get a bit too rowdy if he gets overstimulated, but calms down with a hug, some chest rubs, and a booty scratch. He adores attention but has never learned the proper way to ask. His go-to right now is to aim for a piece of clothing to try and pull you in and if he goes misunderstood then it turns into a game of tug. There is a certain look that he will give when he needs some extra love and he does great with a hug and a little bit of redirection to a toy. He made his way to us from Hoquiam Animal control where he spent 5-6 months waiting for room with us here at PAWS GH. He has been a joy to get to know while in our care. He is nothing but happy all the time and enjoys the company of anyone willing to say hello. He has made so many new human friends and dog friends here at PAWS and is willing to make many more! He is now one of our long term stays and has been living the shelter life for about 9 months total. He has been patiently waiting for the right family to come along but he is starting to get antsy. He is a very cuddly, loving, smart, playful pup looking for that special home willing to give him a chance to show what a great dog he truly is. 
Bonus: He has made friends with our most selective dog and longest term resident Jojo! Adopt him with Jojo as part of a AOGO promotion! 
(Adopt one, get one with no adoption fee)
Freedom Tails Update: 
Hello, my name is Stewie( for short), and yes I am short too: about 21 inches at the withers–that is the area between my back and my nose in case you were wondering.  
Today, I weighed in at 80lbs.  I am built like a horse, and people say I sound like a horse too.  Presumably, they are talking about my heavy footsteps because I am not the whinnying type; I am in fact very quiet most of the time.  I will pick-up light barks and whines when other dogs are complaining, but when I am by myself, I am usually very quiet–like I said.  
Petting me is like petting a horse.  All this talk about horses..I suppose I should clarify that I am indeed a bulldog.  I imagine you could see that from my stupendous picture.  Get it “Stu” pendous-haha.
I would really like a new home.  I promise I will be good.  People say I am super-duper well tempered.  I will make an all-around great family dog, Someday…
You know I have been holding back a little bit in my performance, you know to let the other dogs catch-up.  I have heard people saying things like, “exceeds all expectations” and ”‘ahead of the class.”  That is why my head is so big(haha).  No, but really I am a bulldog so my head is supposed to be big.  I have turned into a true performer and I would even go as far as to say entertainer.  So, get out the hoops this summer for those backyard BBQs, sit back and relax and watch all your guests be amazed at all of my tricks.  Oh, and by the way, don’t forget to put a couple of fat steaks or burgers on the grill FOR ME!
Hey everyone- it’s me again, Beef Stew! 
I have become the most popular thing since peanut butter… hmmm peanut butter… ok, now where was I before I had a slight lapse; oh, that’s right I am indeed Mr. Popular around here. Everyone wants to pet Stewie– and of course I don’t mind one teeny bit. 
Ok, but on the serious side… hmmm – I can’t think of anything (haha), but no seriously, I could just lounge around all day and eat peanut butter if they would just let me. 
Well, life is a real dream; my trainers are super nice to me, and I am hoping that someone out there will adopt me and be nice to me too… Did I mention peanut butter?!

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