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the Freedom Tails Program

As of April 2023, we are thrilled to have the Freedom Tails program return to Stafford Creek Corrections Center after years on hiatus. This popular program pairs a duo of incarcerated individuals up with a PAWS of Grays Harbor pooch for 12 weeks. Each dog has a primary and secondary handler assigned to the same cell, giving the dog 24-hour care and attention to meet its needs. During their stay at SCCC, these dogs receive specialized training to prepare them for adoption to the public. At the end of their 12-week stay, they will enjoy a special adoption ceremony with their new families to show off their skills as they start a new journey.

Our 3rd group of dogs graduated February 22, 2024. We currently have 2 dogs (Gadget and Scooby) from this group that are ready for homes now. We hope to begin the 4th round in April 2024.


the current Freedom Tails crew

How to Adopt

Property Verification

We will reach out landlords for permission to adopt or verify property ownership with the county assessor.

Home Check

You will be provided a list of photos needed. We review these to help point out potential safety concerns to help you prepare for your new pooch.

Schedule a Meet

We may have you meet the dog at the SPCC parking lot or at the shelter. Other dogs in the home will also need to meet the dog.


Pay and sign adoption paperwork. You will be invited to attend graduation day at SPCC.

Updates from our Dogs

8/29/23 update:
Hello everyone from Tucker,
I am just wanting to send a shout out to everyone on the other side of things.  I am here at Stafford Creek in the Freedom Tails dog program.  I arrived here two weeks ago and have been making some new friends.  I am a great dog who loves to hang out and go for walks.  I have ten weeks until I graduate and with the help of all my new friends I will be ready for my forever home.  I have been working on my leash manners and I can get a little excited.  I am good at sit, lay down, shake, place, crate, by me, kennel, stay, wait, down, off, and will stop at doors, stairs and sit for you to give me an “okay”.  I am house trained and need no help with that.  I am sure that when I graduate I will have all my commands down and I will be ready to make someone happy.  So thank you for your interest and I look forward to meeting you, so until then: PAWS up and have a great summer!  
As always, all my best:
9/8/23 update:
Hello everyone,
     I hope this finds you all well and that you all had a summer to remember.  I have made some new friends here in the Freedom Tails Dog Program.  There are some dogs who I have gotten to like and have been playing well with.  Foxy, Nicki, Lokey, Max and Hammond are the dogs in the program I have the most fun with.  Hopper, Lucy and I are not the best of friends, but we are working on that.  Everything else is coming along well and have been working real hard on all my commands.  I love to go outside and to play with just about anything.  I can get a little distracted by bees and flying objects.  I love to say hi to everyone and to chill out after a walk and some treats.  The best part of my day is going down to play off leash, I always look forward to that and can get excited when it is time to go down there.  I have been running a little with my trainer and have gotten a couple one mile runs in, I hope to be getting another run in a few times a week before I graduate.  Well, that’s about it for now.  I look forward to meeting you and hope to see you soon.  Until then, be good and have fun. As always, PAWS up!
9-19-23 update:
Hello again…. It’s me Tucker!
I had a great time this week hanging out with my new human and dog friends. I especially like going to the dog park where I not only get to hang out with my mentors Daniel, Kim and Charles; but I also get to run off leash with dogs of all ages and sizes and share all kinds of cool toys. My mentors taught me two new cue’s this week that I’ve added to my repertoire. They are: by me (a cue that I sit next to my human) and crate/kennel (this is a cue that I go into my indoor crate or outside kennel). Whether I’m playing games like fetch or practicing the cues and skills I’ve been learning, I always manage to have a great time because I absolutely LOVE human interaction!
I also learned how to say three words in English with pronunciation that rivals ANY human speaker. So, if you want to amaze your friends and family, you can prove to them that you have the only English speaking canine companion on the planet! SImply gather any naysayers (or people looking to be amazed) and ask me these three simple questions:
1. What do you call the top of a house? Simple, a “roof”
2. What’s the stuff on the outside of a tree? Easy, “bark”
3. How would you describe the texture of sandpaper? No problem, it’s “ruff”
Well, gotta sign off for now, I’ve got cues to practice and dogs to play with; but my humans don’t call it “play” they have a strange sounding word for it called “socialization.” Don’t ask me to pronounce that one!
Your possible future pal,
8/29/23 update:
My name is Lucy!  I’m a beautiful shar pei/pit mix.  I am going on 18 months old and I am a girl full of energy.  I love to play fetch and wrestle around with the boys, then go and get a full body massage and relax.  I love to go outside and play then come back and lay out and be petted.  I am a big leaner – a HEAVY leaner – and I love to have my belly, neck and ears rubbed.  I am looking for a home where I can go on walks, play outside and then come home and be the perfect house dog.  I have lots of love and energy to share with a family who will have me.
Until next time, many wishes and many blessings!

Hi it’s me Lucy again,
I’m adjusting to this new life. It’s really easy, laid back and fun. Everyone knows I’m all about fun. I love going to the dog park and running around or playing fetch. I love feeling the sunshine on my face and the wind cooling my fur as I run. Then I like coming back home for a nice cool dip in the pool, but I also know that it’s back to working on my cues. I’m getting it and learning but I just want to be a dog and be loved on. I’m hoping to find a home where we can go out and play and have fun then come back home and chill out and watch the game.

Hey, I’m Lucy’s handler and it’s been such a blessing to work with this dog. She is amazing and just brings so much joy and happiness to everyone she meets. Some people she will even get real vocal with telling them how much she loves being rubbed, tickled and scratched. Lucy even has a 6th sense about her. When I’m feeling down or frustrated, she’ll come and lick my hands until I rub her head and ears or I can sit down and pat my chest and say “hug” and she’ll jump up, put both her elbows on my knee and put her head on my shoulder or under my neck and let me hug her until I feel better. That is the loving and gentle Lucy I know and can speak for. That’s the Lucy I want you to know you’ll be taking home. Just love her and she’ll love you back unconditionally.
Thank you

8/29/23 update:
Hello world!
My name is Hammond, middle name Cheese, last name Sammich. Say it fast and…..I’m delicious!!
When I bark about myself most people think I’m bragging. Nope! Pure facts. I only have three legs, and that is just so the rest of the planet doesn’t despise me for being canine perfection! Humble, I’m often told….
My new handler now affectionately calls me “Penguin Butt”, I guess because I’m so chill it’s like I’ve been on ice all day! Yeah, we let him think he’s funny. I just choose not to be all frantic like some of my other four-legged friends. And usually when I don’t react they see my ice-blue eyes and they chill out also. I enjoy meeting new people and listening to them go on and on about how nice and soft my fur is. They said it, not me!
I’m respectful in the house, I don’t chew on things or go in the trash can. Although I am trying to figure out why my new roommate wants me to wait for permission before getting on his bed/couch? I mean, we’re supposed to be family and all!! Dude! Scoot over!
Anyways, that’s the scooby on me this time, I will write again soon. Keep your biscuits crunchy and your water fresh!

Hammond Cheese Sammich

Hey Everyone!
I’m Lokey and I would like to tell you all who I am in the hopes of finding myself a forever home. I am about 10 and a 1/2 months old. I am a red Mastiff mix. I thought my name was Lokey but everyone keeps calling me handsome, whatever that means…. I haven’t met a person I didn’t like yet, but there is this poodle in my class that I’m still learning to tolerate. Other than him, I love playing with all the other dogs.
Right now I’m in the school of hard knocks, trying to learn how to be my best self, and so fare, I think I’m doing pretty food. Prior to coming to the Freedom Tails Program, I was running the streets of Aberdeen just minding my own business, going wherever the wind blew me. Apparently living the life of a lone wolf for us dogs doesn’t fly anymore. I can’t complain though, I have been showered with so much love and attention. My trainer is teaching me to pay the love forward, so I can’t wait to meet you so I can give it a go!
Until next time guys, much love – Lokey

Hello! My name is Max. I am a Labrador mix- and all black except for a little white under my chin, chest, belly and toes.
I guess you could say I’m a foodie because well… I love food! Sheesh these people have got me on a diet, and they are running me around in a big circle for several minutes a day.
Did I mention that I like to sleep? Well, after a good run, I love to sleep too — I guess you could call me a sleeping foodie.
Ever since I went on a diet and started exercising, I have lost a lot of weight; and I have a lot more energy too!

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